My favorite place to be and visit when in California! I drove through the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) for the first time last summer on my way to San Francisco. It might take up to 8 hours to get to San Francisco depending on how much you are stopping to admire the breathtaking views or to take pictures.

This is definitely a must-do in life. I would probably say that one of my favorites parts of going to San Francisco was simply this drive. I’ve done it already three times since then, and I always make sure to stop at Big Sur (specially the McWay Falls). The McWay Falls are not accessible by foot, but I’ve seen pictures on social platforms of people that made it down there… Not sure how legal this is or how safe…  This is one of the most beautiful spots in California and my number one! If you are ever driving down this highway you CAN’T MISS IT!

The waterfalls are located about 40 miles down Carmel on the PCH. It can be missed if you are not paying attention, but I always know when I am close by noticing the amount of cars parked around the area. So even if you don’t know what is coming, I advice you to follow this, park your car, and explore! On more information and details on how to get to the McWay falls see the map below.